“Nothing great comes from comfort zones.”

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”

We quote those things to death, yet when we get to a bump in the road – or our car just straight up breaks down – we’re ready to quit and run back to what’s comfortable. It’s human nature to avoid pain. Here’s another overused but true quote for you – No pain, NO GAIN!

The path to being a self-made man or woman means you must be made. There are no shortcuts, no microwaves, no elevators. You gotta slow cook this thing called success. The great thing about it is, the more obstacles you overcome, the larger the scale of success you’re prepared for.

I remember my first year of entrepreneurship. I ran out of money. Not “I was down to my last $500”. No. I was BROKE! I wanted to quit a thousand times and go back to the security of a paycheck. And you know what? Eventually, I did go back to working a 9-5. I was really surprised to realize that that choice was even more uncomfortable!

My soul was uneasy being an employee. That’s when I realized that no matter how you start out as an entrepreneur, those early days are meant to be uncomfortable. You’re supposed to want to quit, and guess what, you’re supposed to fight through that feeling. You’re supposed to remember why you started and do it even when it hurts.

It’s a lot like working out in the gym. You go hard and when you’re done, you’re hurting like hell. You may not be able to walk for days and the slightest move brings back the pain. It’s uncomfortable, but you’re committed to seeing those results so you don’t quit! You get up and go at it again and again until the discomfort becomes comfortable and you’re able to push even harder the next time.

Being uncomfortable won’t kill you. It’ll hurt for a while but you’ll be better for it. You’re building a bond with your business so you can stay in the game for the long haul.