One would think and eskimo doesn’t need ice; what with being surrounded by it and all. Just like millennials don’t need another clever t-shirt or “Build Your Brand in 5 Days” eCourse.

We’re all loaded down with stuff we don’t need or things we thought would finally be “that thing” to get us over the hump. To be honest, sometimes it seems like our generation is just over it. I know I am. We’re constantly being sold to so we’ve become jaded.

What do you do as a young entrepreneur? How do you get thousands of people buying into your business without seeming like another jive salesman?
ask a question

The quickest way to win your target audience’s life long loyalty is to actually care about them. Show you care by asking questions. Ask them who they are, how they’re doing. Dig deep and ask them questions like what they want out of life and what their challenges are.

Asking questions is not only good for your bottom line, it makes you likable. And we all know how important “likes” are when making decisions these days.

be real

Personality will set you apart when the marketplace seems oversaturated. Don’t be afraid to break out of the mold and let your human side show. People like to know the face, and the story, behind the brand. If it’s relevant to your market, share some of your behind-the-scenes.

Let customers know that you understand their struggle by showing that you struggle too. Be relatable.

Solve a problem

AN eskimo might not need ice for an igloo. But if he’s stepping on or otherwise dirtying all the other ice around him, maybe he needs ice for his drink. Look around at the products like yours. Observe your audience’s needs and solve their problems. There’s always a problem and an easier way to solve it. Figure out what their problem is and people will flock to you.

It’s easy to get caught up selling what you want because you want to sell it. Many times when salesmen do this they find themselves never selling anything. Take yourself out of the seat of the customer, because you’re not. It’s not about what you want to sell, give or teach them. What do they want from you?

Find that out and give it consistently. Tweak your offerings as your customers’ needs change.
Always be on the cutting edge and know the needs of your target more than any other salesmen and yoou’ll always have the advantage of not only sales but loyalty and trust.