It seems like a crazy question right? No one fails on purpose. We’d think that everyone who’s on this path really wants to succeed “as bad as they want to breathe” (shoutout to ET). Who would waste their time going through all the stress of becoming an entrepreneur to intentionally fail at it?

You’d be surprised. Some of the failure habits we have are unconscious. Things that we do, habits that we hold on to that no longer serve us and actually serve to keep us from reaching our goals.

I read a book recently, (I’ll find the name and get back to you, lol) it talked about the “will to fail”. It’s the exact opposite of the “will to succeed”. Much like successful people have the uncanny, often relentless, will to accomplish what they set out to do; those who we see fail most consistently – even if they seem to be trying to succeed – actually are willing themselves to fail.

So how do you know if you’re participating in self sabotage?

Check this list out and see if you’re exhibiting any of these toxic habits.

Failure Habits to Kick Today

1.) Setting vague goals
A goal should be three things : Clear, Specific, and Actionable. When you miss those three things and set goals that are vague, you’re really saying that you doubt your ability to achieve. Believe in yourself enough to set clear goals and smash them.

2.) Procrastinating
At some point, procrastination is a challenge for everyone. We all have moments when we put of important things for one reason or another. The root of procrastination is fear. Usually it’s the fear of success that causes us to hesitate on the things we know we should be doing to get where we say we want to be.

Kick procrastination by doing what you need to do now. Don’t wait for the right time or when you feel like it. Do it now.

3.) Blaming others for your failure
Everyone had a mama, daddy, grandma, brother or cousin tell them they wouldn’t make it. Lack of support from the ones closest to you comes with the territory of being different. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re different. Let go of the habit of blaming those people for you not being where you want to be, yet. Fact of the matter is, your dreams are yours. Only you’re responsible for making them your reality.

4.) Retelling the same old story
Unless you’re telling folks how your past led you to become successful, leave your past where it is. In. The. Past. Repeating the same old story will have you doing just that – repeating it.
If you find yourself telling a sob story, remember the words of Les Brown. “Half the people don’t want to hear it, and the other half are glad it wasn’t them.”

5.) Unproductive Busy-ness
Being busy body can be the hardest habit to kick when you’re an entrepreneur. There’s always something to be done and we feel the need to always be doing something. You may think always moving and shaking is a good thing, but it can be the most counter productive thing you do that leads to missing out on your success.