Today is the day of the entrepreneur. If you haven’t made the leap from your 9-5 already, you’re probably thinking about it. With so many options and outlets to get your business started, there’s never been a better time to decide to break out on your own.

We live in a time when anything you’re good at can become a source o income. Social media provides us with direct-to-consumer access, and also business options that don’t require any start up money.

Here are 10 businesses you can start today with almost no money.

Open an online secondhand shop

I’d say open an eBay shop but that’s not the only option anymore. There are an unlimited number of ways to open an online shop with no to low overhead. You can start by selling things you no longer need, friends’ and family members’ junk. Move up to buying low (think garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales) and selling high.

If you have an eye for quality “junk” you can do well reselling.

Drop Ship Products

Love creating clever phrases? Have a thumb on the pulse of the next big hashtag? Make it a tshirt, mug or hoodie. Sites like Teespring and Spreadshirt have tons of product options that can be printed with your designs. It’s $0 to open a shop and you set your own commission on what you sell.

graphic design

If you have design skills and know your way around the software, there are plenty of people looking for you. From logo design to t-shirt design. In a visual and digital world, graphic design is in high demand.


Can you write compelling stories? Are you able to keep a deadline? Becoming a content creator can open doors for you to work with some of your favorite companies and influencers. Content marketing is the ‘thing’ right now. From creating blog posts to landing pages, even those cool social media posts we love so much. That’s all content and someone’s getting paid to create it. Why not you?

Consultant Services

Consultants come a dime a dozen these days, but if you’re really providing value to your clients, you’ll stand out above the crowd. The key to starting off on a good foot as a consultant is finding that thing that you’re so good at you can help someone else do it.


You can tutor anyone from kindergarten to college in a subject you’ve mastered. Posting your services in local businesses, online job listing sites, and even on your social media should get you your first few clients. Word of mouth will be your best friend here so be sure to provide topnotch service and ask for customer feedback.


Dust off that old instrument and teach some struggling kid how to play it. Maybe you’re a great swimmer, singer or yoga teacher. Consider marketing your skill and teaching others how to do it.

Virtual Assistant

With so many start ups running their businesses online, many are overwhelmed with the tedious online tasks. Think posting to social media, creating content calendars and responding to emails. A busy entrepreneur can be losing money and time getting these things done daily. That’s where you step in and help make their online life easier.

Cleaning Service

Are you a neat freak who’s home is always spotless? That’s a marketable skill and many people need your services. From corporate offices to salons and stay at home moms who just have their hands full, creating a clean environment is a necessary element in running a tight ship.

Professional Organizer

Just like being clean, being organized is a highly sought after skill. The start up costs are very minimal and all you really need is someone else’s mess to get in order. A sliding scale pricing system based on the level of work ensures that you’re always paid well for those Hoarders-style situations.
Just do it.

If you have the discipline to stick with it and you’re willing to sacrifice a little in the beginning, becoming an entrepreneur can be the most rewarding thing you ever do. Many people hesitate because of lack of money but as you can see, there are lots of great businesses you can start with as little as $0 by leveraging the skills you already have.